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21 September 2021

Whatever your age, it’s never too early or late to address your skin concerns!


I’ve just entered my 30s, and I’m worried about how my skin would age. Hence the invitation to hop onto the IDS Journey came at a perfect timing.


I dropped by their spacious International Building outlet, which is IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions)’s flagship store, housing all entities like IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics and IDS Skincare.




My consultation was with Dr Michelle Wong at IDS Clinic in a private room. I knew I was in good hands! She has a lot of dermatology credentials, plus experience in aesthetic treatments.


First she asked about my skincare routine. I use a facial sheet mask at least once a day, and at night, I use my own blend of essential oils before bed. She could immediately tell my skin was a combination of dry, plus a tendency for overactive T-zone sebum production. Thankfully, my skin’s generally OK except for occasional oil seeds (removed during facials) and darkening sunspots. Dr Michelle then targeted specific skincare concerns (sunspots + fine lines for me) and prescribed a full range of customized IDS skincare.


One of the skincare consultants, Caline, then walked me through all of the products recommended by Dr Michelle. There are different steps to take for day and night skincare routines. She even tested some of the products on my hands, and made sure the texture was comfortable for me. My skincare pet peeve is how some products leave a sticky residue for a long time and doesn’t get absorbed at all. Well, I won’t have this problem with IDS products! All of the products I’ve tried so far were ultra light-weight and very quickly absorbed by my skin.


Sharing some of my prescribed IDS Clinic products here, and am sharing my thoughts after approximately a month of use:


All IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean


Morning Routine

  1. C2 – CLEANSER
  2. T2 – TONER
  4. C+ – VITAMIN C


Night Routine

  1. Makeup Remover
  2. C2 – CLEANSER
  3. T2 – TONER
  5. C+ – VITAMIN C
Cleanser (C2)

C2 IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean

IDS Skincare Delicate Cleanser (C2)


❀ Encourage skin renewal
❀ Combats redness, moisturizes and softens
❀ Mild enough for sensitive skin


Contains Centella Asiatica Extract (a skin-loving component) also known as ‘gotu kola’ that has anti-bacterial and wound-healing properties. Great for removing any traces of makeup and grim left behind after makeup removal! My skin doesn’t feel dried out at all, even with the thorough cleansing.


Toner (T2)

T2 IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean

IDS Skincare Delicate Toner (T2)


❀ Removes dead skin cells, debris and makeup residue
❀ Soothes irritated skin
❀ Reduces inflammation


I really dig the scent of T2, and totally skip using a cotton pad for application. The mist bottle design allows for direct application on your skin. Used it twice daily for a month, and believe this contributed to smoother skin (less bumps, zero oil seeds), and quick skin regeneration after a round of laser treatment. Love this!


Pore Formula (PF)

PF IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean

IDS Skincare Pore Formula (PF)


❀ Refine pores
❀ Reduce blackheads and whiteheads
❀ Non-oily formula


This worked like magic in controlling my T-zone sebum production! By far my favourite product in the entire IDS skincare line. After a month I had the guts to go out and show up barefaced without a constant need to blot. An ultimate confidence-boost! Plus the scent of tea-tree is very refreshing, and I love the cool tingly feeling it leaves on my skin for a short time.


Vitamin C Plus (C+)

C+IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean

IDS Skincare Vitamin C+


❀ Collagen production
❀ Reduce fine lines, wrinkles
❀ Skin-lightening for acne


This vitamin C booster is the lightest serum I’ve ever tried. It’s so easily absorbed by my skin, I’ve no problems layering this on after PF, and under sunscreen & makeup. It’s a great add-on to my skincare routine to nip fine lines in the bud! Since wrinkles are my current biggest worry, I’m definitely adding this permanently to my skincare routine.


Rejuvenating Complex (RC)

RC IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean

IDS Skincare Rejuvenating Complex


❀ Visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with continued use
❀ Ideal for mature individuals
❀ Counter environmental and sun damage


RC’s active ingredients include Zinc and Magnesium Chloride – minerals that aid production of elastin, relaxes muscles to help reduce appearance of fine lines and winkles. Much needed if you’re (like me) deathly afraid of wrinkles and would try everything to reverse this ageing process! RC is, like all of IDS Skincare products, very easily absorbed and does not leave any sticky residue behind. Also a permanent new addition to my skincare routine!


Non-tinted Sunscreen (S2)

S2 IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean

IDS Skincare Non-Tinted Sunscreen (with Extra Blue Light Protection) (S2)


❀ Blocks more than 35% of blue light (HEVL)
❀ Broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects skin from 99% of UV radiation
❀ Reduces pollution-induced free radicals


Been using sunscreen on my face daily since Junior College days. and out of all sunscreens I’ve tried, S2 is definitely the most ultra light-weight formula. For most of us who are stuck facing our laptops and phones for more than 8 hours a day, a Blue Light blocking sunscreen is more important than ever! FYI, IDS has both tinted and non-tinted sunscreens for individual preference. I use this non-tinted formula on my exposed hands too.


Diamond Dust Perfector (DD)

DD IDS Skincare - Viktoria Jean

IDS Skincare Diamond Dust Perfector (DD)


❀ Smoothens and evens out skin tone
❀ Minimizes appearance of enlarged pores and blemishes
❀ Naturally smooth appearance under any lighting


‘Less is more’ for me, when it comes to daily makeup, so I don’t use any foundation or concealer at all. DD makeup base is good for days when I film a dance or need to look good under harsh lighting, and yet use zero foundation, because DD is good enough coverage for me! Also, DD has won multiple awards over the years from various beauty magazines like ELLE and CLEO, and for well-deserved reasons. I love how it’s of a weightless non-sticky texture, and super long-lasting on my skin. My complexion looks incredible with a touch of DD!


I’ve noticed significantly smoother skin texture, and lighter sunspots after a twice-a-day routine with IDS Clinic’s recommended skincare. With Dr Michelle’s consult and advice, I’ve also stopped using essential oils blend directly on my face. Essential oils blend may work on the less sensitive skin on arms and legs, but is generally too heavy for facial skin, which explains the oil seeds I’ve recently needed to remove! Good skin is definitely a confidence booster, as much as good teeth and health. With my current IDS routine (coupled with my one-sheet-mask-a-day consistent routine), I’m hoping to battle the natural ageing process, and effects of my bad habits (late nights, drinking, etc)



Will also be updating on my follow-up consultation with Dr Michelle after a month, and the amazing facial (cryo-therapeutics treatment) that she recommended for my skin type! Can’t wait. I love my skincare routine so much now.


If you’re hesitating about getting a skin consultation, I’d say go for it. You might not understand your own skin condition as well as the expert dermatologists do, and you might be harming your own skin!


Making an appointment with IDS is easy, but the daily skincare routine is harder to keep up with. I’m determined to make my routine work for me, and I’m glad I sought the help of IDS and their experienced team.






*Credits to Viktoria Jean

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