This Firming Facial Will Turn The Clock Back On Your Skin
01 July 2022

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Skin ageing is one of life’s inevitable issues that everyone has to face. And that can be really daunting, especially for women. Not just from an aesthetic point of view, but the health of our skin (both on the inside and outside) is constantly subjected to many elements that will affect its vitality.


While we can try our best to age as gracefully as possible by investing in a great skincare routine, all of that effort can only do so much. While a good skincare routine might help to reduce the process, we still face the issue of a loss of elasticity in our skin, causing an inability for absorption and retention. This means that whatever expensive skincare you are indulging your skin with will not have any effect, as your skin will lack the ability to absorb any nutrients and goodness.


So how exactly can you reset your skin to ensure that you’re getting the best out of your skincare routine? By calling in the experts and levelling up with treatments that will give your skin the booster it needs. 


Pathway to skin restoration



Enter the new IDS Aesthetics Pep.Blu Deep Treatment – an innovative treatment that unlocks new ‘pathways’ for nutrients to travel deeper into the skin. The completely non-invasive treatment promises to firm, clarify, tone and sculpt your skin in just 60 minutes.  Just think, in just one pampering session, you’ll be able to leave the clinic with a slimmer and toner face with no downtime or painful side effects – how great is that?


Unlike traditional penetration machines, IDS Aesthetics aims to do things a little different – such as using a non-invasive Deep Electroporation Technology that creates channel openings in the skin. These new openings then allow the skin to optimally absorb vitamins and nutrients, a process not possible with traditional penetration machines.


Hit reset for rejuvenated skin



Now that your skin is primed and ready to accept all of that goodness, the next step is to apply the crème de la crème of serums – the Pep.Blu Serum. A serum that delivers high concentrations of brightening and cell-stimulating ingredients, it’s as if IDS Aesthetics has managed to capture and bottle the secret to the fountain of youth.


What’s so amazing about the Pep.Blu Serum is the growth factors, peptides, Vitamin B9 and acetylated glutamine will help to stimulate collagen and increase fibroblast and elastin production, making it seem like you’ve turned the clock on your skin.


For the ultimate hydration boost, the treatment is finished with a mask and LED light to enhance the recovery of the skin.


The result? A 60-minute skin transformation where your skin will be lifted, tightened and rejuvenated.


Visit IDS Aesthetics at 8 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307470, Tel: 6568 3559 and 360 Orchard Rd, #02-02 International Building, Singapore 238869, Tel: 6450 3555


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